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Best Water Purifiers In India That Works Without Electricity

We, Humans, are the reason for the water and Air pollution, the most disgusting things done by us makes even the ground water hard, In most parts of the world, there is no continuous power supply and people are falling ill by drinking the polluted water. The only way to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of drinking impure water is by installing the best water purifier at our home. As I mentioned earlier, we don't have a lot of power outages, so we need a water purifier that works without electricity. In this post, I am going to list some of the best water purifiers in india that are available in India right now and work without electricity. I use either Amazon or Flipkart to buy the water purifier online.

Before you read the list of top budget non-electric water purifiers, first, you should know about the types of water purification

Boiling: Boiling of water is a practice that we have been implementing since ages. Boiling was the best water purification technique that gives the pure water which is safe for cooking and drinking. But, due to excessive use of pests, harmful materials and toxic chemicals released by vehicles and factories, the ground water has become harder. The boiling of water does not remove the hard particles present in the water.

Did boiling makes the salt water to tasty drinking water. No, it will no eliminate the salts present in the water. There are a lot of toxic hard metals found in the ground water in most of the Indian regions. These Hard metals include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other toxic metals. When we consume the water, it makes us sick. The effect of the evil water will be more on kids than on the adults. So, boiling works only if your water source is soft and you get water from rain-water harvesting or lakes and rivers.

Sources of Water

We can live without food for a week, but we can not live without water for more than a day. Often, we receive water from multiple sources like taps, municipal water supply, over-head tanks, Rivers, ponds, lakes, ground water from bore wells and pumps.

Even, the municipal or public supply water contain a lot of bacteria, virus and other dissolved impurities since the pipes that are used for water supply are very poor quality, and they are home for the bacterium. Some of the oldest and unworthy techniques like "mixing of chlorine in water" and filtration are used to treat the water. By Drinking water that contains a lot of chlorine is not a good practice. So, let us have a look at some of the best water purification techniques that we use in the modern day.

Treating water with UV Rays

We all about of power of the Sun and the UV Rays, the same technique is used to treat the water, an Ultraviolet bulb is placed inside the water purifier, and when the water passes through it, the UV rays kill all the Virus and Bacteria. UV water purifiers from Kent doesn't give a chance for the virus to live in the water. But, the water must be soft and free from the dust particles, so the virus is not shielded by them. So, you have to install a pre-filter, or you don't worry if you receive water that is free from dust particles.

But, the UV bulb does no harm to the dissolved a toxic salts present in the water which is the reason most water purifiers doesn't alone come with UV technology, But, most of the top water purification brands like HUL, Kent, LivePure, Whirlpool, Eureka Forbes Aqua guard employ a UV bulb in their water purification systems along with other techniques.

Reverse Osmosis water treatment

So, what on this earth is  RO water purification and why it is better than the other water treatment systems. A Reverse Osmosis water purifier employs a decent and very micron size membranes in the filter that removes even the hard metals from the water. Along with the virus and bacteria, the harmful salts are washed out from the water. An RO water purifier will be more effective when it mixed with a UV bulb. The best thing about the Reverse Osmosis technique is, the purifiers work even with the dirty and turbid water.

But, the RO water purifiers removes the most useful and much required natural minerals like calcium and magnesium along with the Harmful dissolved salts. So, what makes the RO technique effective? If the Reverse Osmosis Purifier is added with a TDS monitor, controller or modulator, it can add the required amount of natural minerals present in the water. Do not buy a Cheap RO water purifier that does not have TDS controller so you will get that has a mineral deficiency. Also, the TDS + RO + UV is an excellent combination that can give you the safest drinking water.


Ultrafiltration or the UF water purifiers are the budget friendly products that can give you pure drinking water if you input water source is soft and free from heavy salts. The UF also uses membranes to filter the bacterium and virus from the input water, but the size of the filter is not as micro-sized as RO water purifiers, so they can not remove the Hard metals and dissolved salts from the water. The best thing about the UF water purifiers is, they don't require any electricity to work. On these top of all these awesome and mind-blowing features, the UF water purifiers don't require much maintenance, and they can be cleaned very easily. Some of the non-electric water purifiers also work with gravity and carbon filters will also help them to their job.

List of Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Tata Swach Non-Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier 

We all know TATA is one of the most famous brands in India and now they enter the water purifiers business, and they are using a brand name Swatch for their products. Non-Electric water purifier from Tata Swach is one of the smartest ways to purify the drinking water and the design of the water purifier is very Hard and Sturdy and also sports a transparent design.

Tata claims that their water purifier can remove more than 100 crore bacteria from one litre of water. The Tata Swach has a storage capacity of 15 litres, but the water purifier can store only 7 litres of purifier water.

The Cheap water purifier can purify up to 3000 litres of water after which you have to change the filter cartridge. The water purifier is just semi automatic and you have to fill the water into the purifier now and then which is a good exercise for you. Along with pure water, you also get some water filling job.

The water purifier works even in the corner and border villages since it doesn't require power to purify the water. I don't know what kind of technology they implemented in this water purifier that is available for cheaper than fifteen hundred rupees.  Along with 6 Months of Warranty, the Tata Services don't come to your home :); you can easily install the Tata Swach at your home even if you are not good at science.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier (Blue)

Eureka Forbes is more confident about their brand so they named it Aquasure, the positive charge technology water purifier is free from chemicals and other toxic technologies so you can get soft drinking water only when you input water that is free from cadmium and lead. Eureka Forbes claims that their water purifier can store up to 20 litres, but I seriously doubt the actual drinking water storage capacity will not be more than 5 litres even if you invest twenty thousand rupees on your water purifier.

All the water that boast storage tanks can store the only limited amount of water, please note that the water purifiers are not overhead storage tank to store 20 litres of water. So, all the water purification brands, please stop making false claims and be more specific about your specifications.

But, the Eureka Forbes water purifier that works without electricity can remove bacteria and virus using some filter cartridges. Free items in the package include one water purifier, two cartridges, one particular filter, one tap and demo cd as if we were in 2008. Who the hell in this world are using DVD players when we watch the live stream on our smartphone.

Forget that, and the next best non-electric water purifier on the list is from a more removed brand.

Kent Gold Star 22-Litre Water Purifier

I don't know hot do these appliances brand name their products As if the water purifier is coated with Gold, the famous appliances brand Kent named their non-electric water purifier as Kent Gold Star and the storage capacity of the water purifier is 22 litres.

Kent mentioned in the specifications that their water purifier has an innovative design, and the water purifier can be mounted on the wall.
Ultrafiltration is the technology that is used in making the water purifier. The material that is used in constructing the water purifier is made of food grade plastic and is very sturdy so you can expect a longer life of the water purifier.

The Ultrafiltration water purifier is as good as boiled water, and you can have your tasty drinking water. Say thanks to the Kent, they provide the best customer support and also free installation. But, some of their service men are not good, and you have to contact the right person to get the faster installation.

Unlike, other water purifier mentioned in the list, the Kent Gold has got a few positive reviews from the verified buyers. The size of the UF membrane is 0.1 microns, and the weight of purifier is just 4.2 kg. These are some of the best water purifiers in India that don't require electricity supply to give you some water.

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